The future of protein is here

    At Bulk Nutrients, we're at the forefront of supplement technology and development.

    With Future Whey, we've taken protein drinks on the biggest leap forward they've seen in decades.

    Future Whey presents a brand new way to take protein and it's good for everyone.

    100% dairy free.

    That’s right, Future Whey is free from dairy and lactose that often cause digestive discomfort.

    This also takes away the heavy, creamy experience of regular proteins replacing it with a fresh crisp taste.

    Zero Carbs. Zero Fats.

    Yes, you read that correctly. Future Whey contains only pure protein and a sprinkle of flavouring/sweetener.

    This makes it ideal for comp preppers, those dieting or anyone wanting the ultimate pure protein.

    No digestive discomfort.

    If dairy or lactose cause you digestive discomfort then Future Whey could be your ultimate workout buddy.

    Being totally free from dairy and lactose means that Future Whey doesn't cause any bloating.

    ... but what about the flavours?


    Futuristic flavours!

    This is the exciting part...

    We've spent countless hours in the Bulk R&D Lab to produce bold new flavours that are refreshing and seriously tasty.

    Future Whey flavours will quench your thirst and replenish your sore muscles at the same time.

    Okay okay, you might want to sit down for this...

    Future Whey's launch flavours are a refreshing Cola and a tangy Lemonade (and we know it sounds crazy, but it tastes amazing).

    Future Whey is so delicious you’ll want to drink it all day long.

    See those bubbles? Future Whey goes perfectly with soda water to create a refreshing sparkling drink to enjoy at any time of the day.

    Okay, so there's no whey protein in Future Whey, but what's it actually made from?

    Future Whey is 100% free form amino acids.

    This means zero bloating, stomach discomfort and other issues related to dairy or intolerance. Plus its range of refreshing flavours are markedly different to the "milky" taste of whey proteins.

    Future Whey is high in BCAAs and EAAs which are important for muscle growth and recovery as well as immunity and general wellbeing.

    Packed with protein

    Future Whey delivers more than 22g of pure protein per 25g serve. This makes it a great whey protein alternative and ideal to take when you're hot and sweaty after a workout or endurance event.

    The high protein content promotes muscles growth and can kick start your body's recovery.

    High levels of Glutamine

    Future Whey contains a massive 5500mg of Glutamine per serve eliminating the need to supplement with additional Glutamine when using Future Whey.

    Glutamine is increasingly showing benefits in its role in immune function health and can also assist in preventing muscle wastage.

    A 25g serve of Future Whey contains 10% more BCAAs than a 30g serve of WPI!

    Brimming with BCAAs

    During development a great deal of research was undertaken on amino acid levels and protein uptake, with studies revealing that BCAAs (particularly L Leucine) are key factors for muscle growth.

    So Future Whey is chock full of BCAAs to promote the growth of muscles and of course to boost recovery post-exercise.

    Scientifically Developed

    Future Whey has been developed with the athlete in mind.

    It delivers a fast acting protein source to assist with the growth and repair of muscles post workout, but with a completely different taste.

    A light and fresh drink, it's easy to stomach even after very intense workouts or endurance events where traditional proteins would be a problem.

    Studies show that the 100% pure free form amino acids in Future Whey produce a vast range of benefits including muscle growth, recovery and general health.

    Future Whey sets a new standard in protein drinks!

    "Before, during or post training" Future Whey does it all.

    While we've developed Future Whey as a refreshing and delicious replacement for whey protein, it also makes a brilliant intra training complete amino acid source.

    EAAs, BCAAs, Glutamine and other conditionally essential amino acids are perfect for fueling your workouts and reducing muscle breakdown caused by catabolism, during either weights or cardio.

    Protein Matrix+ is the new standard

    Engineered for optimal muscle growth and recovery

    A 100% dairy free protein with zero carbs, sugars and fats... it's been developed to help you achieve your goals.

    Each serve contains less than 100 calories, which makes it perfect for those preparing to compete or dieting. And best of all, it's easily mixed into water with no clumps or lumps.

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    ...but don't take our word for it...

    Quotes from the mysterious SP1 protein trial earlier this year show just how popular Future Whey is set to be!

    "Absolutely nailed it with lemonade! Seriously the best flavour."

    "Although it's a really weird transition from a traditionally milky texture and flavour to a flavour like Cola, it really hit the spot. I found it sat in the stomach really well and was very easy to drink."

    "I love love love the idea of this product! I think it's an awesome alternative to a milky protein."

    "This is awesome after the gym on a hot day where you don't want something too heavy!"

    "The lemonade flavour was very tasty! I tried it after a 44km run on a hot day and it was just what I needed."

    "Flavour was perfect and the lemonade taste reminded me of a hot summers day eating icy poles and running through sprinklers."

    "I thought it was really refreshing and just what you need in a post workout drink."

    "Awesome product. Tastes just like cola bottle lollies. Love it!"

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